Welcome to Birdie’s Bookcase, by the BD Bookworm!

The Site

Welcome to my book review blog. I will be posting about the books I’ve read and the ones on my to-be-read list. The genres will include Science Fiction, Romance, and Fantasy with Romance sub-categories of Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Contemporary, and the occasional menage, among others. A lot of the books will be ARCs and can also be found on the various book purveyors. I will try to go into detail on my reactions and thoughts on the book here as well as any problems I had with grammar, spelling and other formatting issues. I will try not to pull any punches, so please don’t get offended.

The reviews

Let me explain my review system. I will generally recap the book for you, unless the blurb attached gives an accurate accounting. Then there’s this:

  • Genre:  Will typically follow category line, with comments about cross-overs and such
  • Romance:  How heavy was the romance level? Could be “meh’, or various levels of “awwww” 
  • Sexy stuff:  Sex scenes, kissing and such. Was it hot or nonexistant?
  • Editing:  just what it says. I will note if there are editing errors or other things that pulled me out of the book
  • Violence:  Nuff said
  • Storytelling:  Was the story well-developed? Are the characters interesting and complex?
  • Narrative:  Point of view
  • Stars:  From 1 (DNF or don’t recommend) to 5 (definitely buy)