Lost and Found

Original review 10/24/2017


Brains, brawn, money and ambition.
I’ve been the man every woman has wanted, except for one.
And the reason why she didn’t has haunted me, my entire life.
Until now. A simple deal has unlocked the answers I need,
but it comes with a price even a billionaire can’t afford.

She needs me to play the part; rich, successful, her boyfriend.

All things I can do without even acting, but she’s about to get the full package and everything that comes along with it. Her first real experience, with a real man.
I’m about to shake up her corporate world and show her what she’s been missing.

She’s about to hand me the answers I’ve been searching for my entire life. A secret I’ve held from everyone. I never expected such a simple deal, would change my entire life.
What once was lost, is now found.

Lost and Found is a billionaire, bad boy romance with a happy ending and plenty of steamy scenes, with twists and turns.

Review:  Not Bad

Bethany is a beautiful, successful woman. But her personal relationships are lacking. When she attends her high school reunion, she decides to bring a fake boyfriend to make it seem like she has it all. Ransom is looking for answers, and Bethany can provide a work-around to getting them. He agrees to be her date for the reunion weekend in exchange for her help.

Did like: Well-written, no memorable flow problems, good start.

Didn’t like: Never got to know the real Ransom, rushed story, sudden ending with no real resolution.

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