F Buddy


 FBuddyShe needs an F buddy for a night, so I’ll do her the honor.

It was hard seeing Scarlett so upset. 

She’s my innocent friend and I care deeply about her.

I know she wants a love story with an HEA.

But right now, what I can offer her is to kiss her all over and f@ck her problems away. 

Make her scream. Treat her like the princess she is.

After all, she’s all I’ve ever wanted. 

Author’s Note: This is a full-length novel. This story contains mature language and themes, intended for adults only. For a limited time, free stories are included for your enjoyment.

Review:  Not what I expected, and kind of annoying

Scarlett and Zach have known each other for a long time. They both show up alone at the wedding of their mutual friends. She’s feeling bummed after the end of her most recent relationship, and he makes her an offer. Sex with no strings, and if after a year, neither have found a permanent solution, they will get married. She thinks he’s hot, and he’s been interested in her since they met, and so they start the affair right after the wedding reception.

Things are going well until Zach gets a promotion and is sent to Japan. Now things started to annoy me. The lack of communication between them and the plat out refusal to see that there is a relationship drives a wedge between them. So many opportunities to make things right are thrown aside. And their group of friends are no help.

I thought it was okay. I generally love the friends-to-lovers trope, but not this time. I didn’t care for Zach’s shitty attitude toward Scarlett’s feelings, especially since the blurb implies that he’s wanted more than friendship for a while. Nor did I care for his assholery in general. Scarlett was just as guilty, so that didn’t help. All-in-all? Meh. Which is sad, because I really like Summer’s work.

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