Craving Maul

Original review 9/26/2017


I went into space looking for my sister, what I found is an alien claiming I’m his.

Five years ago, Earth made contact with the Twenty-Three Tribunal, a government of twenty-three superior alien races that rule over the known universe. Deemed too primitive to protect ourselves, the Tribunal slapped a ‘Protected’ status on Earth, declaring us off-limits to the more advanced races that would exploit or enslave us.

Someone has been violating the status.

Last year, like so many others before her, my sister Isla disappeared without a trace. And with the Tribunal unwilling, or simply unable to help us, I’ll do anything, even something really crazy, to get her back.

With the help of my best friend and an alien smuggler I’ve captured, I’ve got a crazy plan. A plan that involves a neuro-transmitter, a one-way ticket off of Earth, and a very powerful drug that will help me infiltrate an illegal alien slave market.

I expect to be used, abused, and violated in my quest to gather evidence. 

What I don’t expect is to be captured and claimed by a huge silver alien …

Review:  Friendship Destroyed, Love Found

Eighteen months ago Lexi lost her sister. Literally. She disappeared on her way home one night. And she wasn’t the only one. There have been hundreds of people vanishing from Earth, a planet listed as “Protected” by the Twenty-Three, an intergalactic coalition of powerful worlds. Maul is a Fourth-Striped Red Mask, an investigator for the Twenty-Three. There have been reports of illegal human slave sales, and he’s going to get to the bottom of it, even if it means going outside the system.

When Maul finds Lexi being sold along with other non-approved races, he goes berserk. But it’s not only rage he feels. Against all odds, she triggers the bond he has reluctantly accepted he will never be gifted. Her safety becomes his number one concern. The investigation he was running falls far behind.

Lexi’s search for her missing sister and Maul’s investigation into illegal human trafficking converge. A childhood friendship is betrayed; a terrible conspiracy revealed; a great love emerges.

I loved this book. A deliciously devoted hero, ecstatic at finding his mate, and a driven heroine, dedicated to finding her sister. Wonderful things ensue. The interactions are heartwarming, the intrigue compelling, and the love is complete and total. Both mine, and theirs.

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