Player: Caribbean Nights, Book 1

Original review 9/24/2017


“My dating life has starred cupcake men—sweet but more icing than cake and nothing that could keep my mouth busy for a more than a few minutes. Finn Callahan? He’s cake. A five-layer, lusciously frosted gateau.” – Valentina Fuentes

I’ve never met a woman I couldn’t love—for one night. I’m the bad boy, the player, the sexy heartbreaker you meet in a bar and take home. And after my last hellish tour of duty as a SEAL, sun, sand, and sex are my new mission in life. Happily ever after? Pass. I’ll give you the best twelve hours of your life, and then I’m gone because why settle down when playing the field is so fun?

All that changes when I meet Valentina Fuentes. Actually, I rescue her from a ditch, which should score me major hero points. She’s even willing to admit I’m hot—and she’ll fool around with me. But convincing her that I’m anything but a sun-and-good-times boy toy? That’s mission impossible. She argues I’m the loaner car girlfriends pass around… and, sure, she’s willing to take me for a ride. A short ride. And for the first time in my life, I’d like more than a twelve-hour relationship. So when she asks me to pose as her fake fiancé, I’m all in. This is it. My shot to kiss and win the girl because this smooth-talking bad boy is dreaming of forever.

CARIBBEAN NIGHTS is sexy romantic comedy series by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Anne Marsh. All books are standalone.

Book 1 – Player
Book 2 – Baby Daddy
Book 3 – The Boss
Book 4 – Heartbreaker

Review:  Hot And Sweet

Texting and driving is a no-no. Just ask Valentina Fuentes. Or maybe it’s worth it, because her rescuer is Finn Callahan, a sexy ex-SEAL who trains k-9’s for military service and for search and rescue. He’s made a stupid celibacy bet with a loophole: no sex for 1 month, unless it’s a committed relationship. Vali’s Mami troubles and long dry spell gives him the opening he needs. They get engaged. Kinda.

But there’s trouble in paradise, or in this case, Angel Cay. He has severe trauma from his time in the service as a SEAL. She has the loss of family from breast cancer as well as a certain loss of self after a preemptive strike against the possibility of her own. Can these two wounded, yet deeply loving, people find happiness with each other?

I loved the humor between Vali and Finn. The interactions were sweet and erotic without being raunchy. I admit, I hadn’t read anything by Anne Marsh, but if this is the kind of story I can expect, I’m definitely going to start.

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