Dragon’s First Rule

Original review 10/1/2017


Ariel, a newly turned lion shifter, stumbles into the subterranean city of Midnight, home of the dragon shifters. Alone and vulnerable, she catches the eye of the dangerously attractive dragon king. Jett. He charms her and promises help, but can she trust him? After all, he is the King of the Dragons. Why would such a powerful man come to the aid of a common girl?

When Jett realizes Ariel has no one, he vows to protect her, as the girl has been turned against her will in dragon territory. He plans not only to shield her, but to hunt down the very outlaw who hurt her.

But Jett soon finds himself growing attached to his quirky yet beautiful lion shifter. He begins a dangerous game with her, skirting the razor’s edge of passion. He must take care because if he surrenders to his desire, he will forfeit not only his throne, but perhaps both of their lives.

Note: This book contains explicit love scenes and is intended for mature readers who like their paranormal romance on the steamier side. Inside you’ll find sexy dragons, strong women, and kick-ass magic.

Review:  Myths, Magic, And Love

Ariel has been turned against her will. She stumbles upon Nett and the city of Midnight. A shifter kingdom carved into a mountain range. Turning innocents without their consent is against the law and Jett, king of the shifters, is determined to track down the person responsible for the attack on Ariel. During the excursion, they fight the attraction between them, but ultimately lose the battle and fall in love.

I really liked the spin on shifter culture. Can’t say I cared much for Jett’s sister Gwendoline. But I understand her motivation. And I shudder to think about Gabriel on the throne. The twist at the end opens up the way for the next book, which I look forward to reading.

Edit: I have received ARCs for the two follow-ons. I will post the reviews when I can.

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