Shadow Descendant

Original review 9/28/2017


A powerful witch, a centuries-old vampire, and a passion that can’t be denied…

Naomi Feldman has never understood the strange energy that hums beneath her senses. But when she comes across an ancient artifact that seems to beckon to her, she may finally find the answers she’s been seeking.

Alaric, a centuries-old vampire, lives a solitary life by choice. When he’s assigned to protect Naomi, long dormant emotions stir to life.

Pursued by a dangerous enemy and battling their growing attraction, Naomi and Alaric follow the mystery of the artifact from the museums of Athens, the streets of London, towards a confrontation that will decide the fate of two worlds…

Fans of Charlaine Harris, Deborah Harkness, and Karen Marie Moning will love Shadow Descendant, the first book of a mesmerizing new paranormal romance series.

Review:  Excellent Beginning To A New Set

I loved this book! The hunt for a pure-blood Descendant of the original Witches has come to fruition. The search results in a terrifying conspiracy, filled with magic, treachery and love. Follow Alaric and Naomi as they try to find the artifact that could end the humans and vampire races. Join them as she comes into her magic and opens his heart to love again.

Read the first book in a new set by LD Goffigan detailing the struggle between the Alliance, a group of Witches and Vampires determined to save the world, and the Order, Witches vowing to cleanse the Earth of all non-Witches.

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