First Time Lovers

Original review 9/22/2017


She’s so bad…Tall, tatted, and tempting—that’s what Max Dornan was.
And she had a bad attitude.
So why is it I can’t stop thinking about her?
About that long silky black hair and those long legs wrapped around me?
I’m a CEO, a billionaire, and a twin. A real nice guy, or so they tell me.
Yet when it comes to Max all I want to be, is bad.

…He’s good
People see my tattoos, my surly attitude and they think they know me.
Just like the suit—Brooks is his name.
He’s tall, dark, and handsome. And he needs my help.
When I agreed to help him out temporarily, I didn’t expect to like him.
I didn’t expect to end up in his bed.
And I never expected to fall for him.

We were all wrong for each other, the bad girl and the good guy. But somehow together, we were pretty damn perfect.

Review:  Good Follow-Up Book

This book follows The Bad Boy’s Good Girl, and tells about the other Corona brother, Brooks.

Max and Brooks met through their connection with Nola, his ex-PA and best friend. Max is everything the tightly buttoned-up Brooks never wanted. She’s tattooed, smart-mouthed, and totally inappropriate. But she also draws him like no other woman ever has. When fate drops off a daughter he didn’t know he had, Max steps up to help him care for her. Their relationship grows closer and she becomes invested. Unfortunately, Brooks has perpetual foot-in-mouth disease and an overbearing set of foster parents. He can’t get out of his own way long enough to convince Max that inappropriate is exactly what he needs, and wants, in his life.

I enjoyed reading about Brooks and Max. I also felt like beating them both over the head occasionally. Him more than her. The writing is good and the book flows well. The only thing I didn’t like was the sudden ending. I feel there could have been more follow through.

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