Dirty: The Complete Collection

Original review 9/21/2017


The Small Town Of New Summit Is About To Get Dirty…

We’ve never been interested in rules. 
Never been interested in what other people think.
When we see something we want, we get it. 

We want the good girl.
She’s lush. Curvy. Beautiful. 
She’s looks demure, but she has a wild side. 

We can tell.
We’re going to make her moan. 
Make her beg for more. 
Make her forget everything but our names. 

It’s time for the good girl to be a just little bit bad. 

The Dirty Boxed set: 
Four snarky heroines. Eight smoking hot men waiting to become your new book boyfriends.
Four small town MFM menage romances. No cheating. No cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed!

Dirty Therapy
Dirty Talk
Dirty Games
Dirty Words

Review:  Even Better Together

I didn’t realize when I got this, but I’ve read the books included in this set. They are:

Dirty Therapy
Dirty Talk
Dirty Games
Dirty Words


Dirty Therapy

Mia, Benjamin, and Landon – She can’t find her “O”. They can help.  Things have been ‘teh suck’ for Mia. Just 2 hours after her boyfriend proposes, she finds him shagging another woman. His excuse? “You’re frigid.” Jerk. A trip to the psychotherapy office of Benjamin and Landon opens up a world of sexual pleasures. But things continue to suck. The receptionist is a nosy gossip, her landlord is a prude, and the ex wants her back. Luckily, love can, in fact, save the day.

 Dirty Talk

Cassie, James, and Lucas – The two new bartenders are hot as sin. And they talk really dirty. On-line. In a vlog. Every morning James and Lucas stake out a spot in Cassie’s coffee shop. They want more than a cuppa, they want her. But when she finds out what they do, she runs. Childhood trauma causes her to push away the men who work in front of the camera. Good thing they are persistent… and sexy.

Dirty Games

Nina, Scott, and Zane – Years ago Nina was in love with rockers Scott and Zane. But she wanted to come first and was tricked into abandoning them. Now they are in her town. A confrontation sparks a repeat of the game that brought them together in the first place. Now she has to decide if she will give them a second chance or run once again. And the person who tricked her before is at it again. This time, the boy’s devotion wins out and the trickster is kicked to the curb. Love wins the game!

Dirty Words

Maggie, Ethan, and Lars – The cocky billionaires across the street are impossible! So what does a frustrated chef do about it? She writes smut about them and gives them pitiful “assets”. When Lars and Ethan are told that Maggie has written some steamy stories about them, they are intrigued by the beautiful restauranteur. Until they see what she has done to their manhood. It’s just the opening they need to start their pursuit. But family drama, in the form of Ethan’s ex-wife and Maggie’s mother, brings the whole affair to ruin. The kind-hearted intervention by her mother’s new beau brings her family back together, and sets her on a new path with her gorgeous (and well endowed) men.

All in all, I love the stories even more the second time around. If you haven’t read them, get this set. If you have, but haven’t bought them, buy this set.

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