New to the Game (D.C. Knights Book 1)

Original review 10/15/2017


Five monuments…five guys…five kisses…for the win. But that first kiss might change all the rules. 

Chloe, a second-year law student, learns there’s only one slot left to join the Congressman on an important trip to Vegas. It’s so important, she jumps into a crazy, silly kissing game, Monument Bingo. 

Harrison Auguste, a lawyer, is smokin’ hot with a southern accent. He is protective and loyal, but hates games and drama. 

But sometimes the first kiss is the perfect one. Can naïve Chloe forget that kiss and finish the game? Or can she find a way to win and still follow her heart?

This steamy, stand-alone romance is so hot it’ll scorch your Kindle! D.C. Knights is a series of seven women who discover more than tourist attractions when they join a sexy game in the nation’s capital. Lip-biting, heart-bursting, and happily ever after guaranteed!

Review:  Lots Of Unanswered Questions

Chloe is trying to get ahead on the Hill. When a peach assignment comes with a twist, she jumps in so she can make the cut. On her first attempt she meets Harrison. They scorch up the Jefferson Memorial with a hot kiss and get her on the playing field. She never expected to see him again. She was wrong.

I liked the interactions between Chloe and Harrison. They were intelligent, humorous, and hot. What I didn’t like was the way things just kinda stopped. It’s like falling. A glorious dive off the cliff with a sudden jerk at the bottom. I didn’t feel that anything was resolved at the end. There was no resolution of conflicts with other characters or the situation that set it all in motion. However, it is the first book of what appears to be an upcoming set, so maybe there will be answers later.

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