The Cowboy’s Barmaid

Original review 10/15/2017


Bar Owner.
Jack Winchester was everything to me growing up.
With his burning blue eyes, Army Ranger-fit body and chestnut hair cropped to military perfection.
Too bad Jack only saw me as his sister’s annoying best friend.
Then came Halloween, and everything changed.Hero.
Hometown boy.

I was back home in Lucky Flats after a decade in the Army. 
But everything was different. 
Including Sierra.
The little girl who used to chase me around was now a knockout.
With bombshell curves and a tongue as dirty as any Ranger I knew.
It was just supposed to be a Halloween party. 
Nothing more.
But I couldn’t stay away.
And now everything is falling apart.

Cowboy’s Barmaid is the complete standalone second book in the Lucky Flats Ranchers series. No cliffhangers and a HEA is guaranteed. We promise.

Review:  Sweet And Tender

Sierra has known she loved Jack since he rescued her from a tree. It took Jack a lot longer to figure it out. Her letters kept him grounded, sane, and connected while he was in the Sandbox. Now he’s home and she’s not the little girl he remembers any longer.

I liked this book. It was an easy read, not one to make you think ahead. You just want to keep flowing along with the story and hope everything works out.

I noticed some grammar problems and word choice errors, but nothing to stop me from enjoying the book.

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