Romantic Takeover – Seduced

Original review 10/7/2017



I had the perfect job. Life was headed in just the right direction, but then I found out that my boss was retiring. He was handing over the company to his son, and once I met Jake Manon, I knew that things would never be the same. Arrogant. Selfish. Player. Those were the words I would use to describe Jake. It was hate at first sight. Or was it really?


Jen was beautiful, and I admired her dedication to her job. But I hated that I was attracted to her. I hated even more that she ignored me without even realizing the sizzling attraction between us. I knew I was not good enough for a woman like her. I knew I should stay well clear of this feisty little red head. But then I kissed her … Each book in the Romantic Takeover series is a standalone with the happily ever after that you’ll love.

Review:  Not A Bad Read, But Too Fast

I enjoyed the story, but about two-thirds of the way through everything went into overdrive.

Jen has been the administrative assistant for the owner of the publishing company, James Manon. Now he’s retired and his stepson, Jake, has taken over. The man is a hardcore player and has little interest in running the business. She covers his ass with his dad, and sets up his revolving door dates.

The set up for this story is decent, but the abrupt “I want you, I must have you” that occurs suddenly one day is jarring. She couldn’t stand him earlier that day, and he has been stepping out with anyone who says yes, but now they are in total lust with each other and can’t wait another moment? Suspension of belief can only take me so far. I’m all for insta-love, and insta-lust, but this was a bit much.

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