The Force Between Us


 the force between usGeek girl meets hunky farmer… is there an app for that?

Avery hadn’t flown to Ireland to kiss the locals. Her goal was to get to the famous sci-fi movie location, Skellig Michael, and gather data for her next killer app—the only thing standing between her and bankruptcy. Except that first kiss with Cathal—a huge Viking of an Irish farmer with a smoldering gaze and wicked touch—has made her forget what planet she’s currently on.

More at home with tractors than tractor-beams, Cathal enthralls her with stories of ancient monks and warriors while confessing his real-life mission—to spread his father’s ashes off the wild Atlantic island before his vacation runs out. As boat after boat gets canceled, Avery and Cathal find ingenious ways to ride out the stormy weather.

United with him in purpose—and in panty-melting lust—Avery knows she’ll never feel so cherished, so mesmerized, so utterly connected to another human being again. But on leaving Irish shores, she needs to know how much of Cathal is real and how much made up, because he seems too good to be true. Has she just missed her one shot at true love?

And how’s she supposed to sext a man on a farm far, far away who doesn’t seem to use a phone? 

This is the latest of Ashlinn Craven’s standalone romcoms featuring geeky heroines who work in STEM fields. If you enjoy authors like Penny Reid, Sally Thorne, or Susannah Nix, then this could well be your next truly satisfying read! 

Review:  Really good, but the blurb lies… kinda

At least, it doesn’t really get into the meat of it. She’s really a big Star Warrior, with Skellig on her mind.

After having a blast at the Star Wars convention, Avery returns to work with her coding partners of 3 plus years only to find that they have thrown her under the bus. While she was gone, they signed up with a VC group without her, offering to buy out her contributions with a paltry sum when compared to the money awaiting the remaining partners upon sale of the app. Now unemployed, majorly broke, and with only a newborn idea, she heads off to Ireland. Her goal? Skellig Michael and the site of the newest Star Wars temple. Once there, she runs into drunken stag-lads, impassible seas and weather delays, match-making ladies, and a hot Viking farmer who is more than he appears to be.

Cathal has his own reasons for braving the trip to Skellig Michael; to lay his father’s spirit (and askes) to rest over the ancient monastery. His life since his father’s death isn’t what he had hoped for. His siblings abandoned the family years before, leaving him stuck with the farm, and his mother isn’t well.

What starts out as a competition for available seats on the boat turns into a whirlwind tour of the areas around Portmagee, gathering images and lore for her new app. Waiting for a boat that may never be available with a man she may never see again, her heart starts to fall. Things are a mess, and when she leaves, what happens to her Irish Viking? What happens to her heart?

I really liked this story. There is a definite Star Wars “moment” that made me smile. In the beginning, I didn’t really like Cathal or Avery. They were both so selfish and unwilling to compromise or see the other’s point of view. It worked out, though, so I forgave them.

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