Wanna Puck?


 wanna puckOne cool-as-ice veteran player
One smoking hot rising star
And little old me in the middle
All wrapped up in an all-star ménage a trois

I’ve been sent to write a piece on two NHL stars 
Joel Palmer and Dante Drake
On the ice they’re too hot to handle.
In the locker room they can’t stand each other.
And now it’s my job to get to the bottom of it all.

The rivals might have already dropped the gloves
But I’ll give them something to bond over.
I may be just a simple reporter, but I’m about to go all-in.
Tonight, I’m down to puck.

This is a full-length romance, with steamy love scenes, a beautiful HEA and utterly no cliffhangers.

Review:  Naughty but sweet in the end

Livia Ramos is an investigative journalist between assignments. The latest offering? Get to the juicy center of the rivalry between the rising star Joel Palmer and legend Dante Drake of the Portland Harriers.

After a fluffy, no-big-deal initial interview, Livia hasn’t a fact to stand on, story-wise. So she decides to fix that by seeing the men separately in order to dig deeper. Turns out there’s more to their competition than just scoring on the ice. Several fights later, both on and off the ice, she’s had enough of too-little information. Team building time!

The title implies MFM throughout, but there is only one instance, for bonding purposes. There really is a romance included here and I felt it was done well, once they got over themselves. There was more to the story than just sex and rivalry.

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