The Gamble

Original review 9/18/2017


I need a wife. She needs money. It’s a gamble, but one month will solve both our problems. 
Unimpressed with my billionaire playboy ways, my father has given me an ultimatum — settle down and get married before the investors’ meeting of Gaston Pharmaceuticals, or I’m out the door. Yeah… he’s a dick but he holds my future in his hands, so I need to play nice, for a while.

One problem is that the meeting is only a month from now. The second problem is that I’ve never dated a girl I liked well enough to spend an entire night with, let alone a month. So my best friend and I process my dilemma the best way we know how — by getting mind-blowingly drunk.

And just like that, I wake up in Vegas with an epic hangover… and a wife.

A beautiful wife. A fun wife. A caring and creative wife.

Now, all I have to do is convince her to stay married to me. I make her a promise. In four short weeks, we’ll quietly annul this farce and go our separate ways. I’ll get my life back. She’ll get hers plus some cash.

There’s just one little complication. I think I’m falling for her. As luck would have it, she hates my guts.

*** This is a Full-Length STANDALONE billionaire romance novel with an HEA and NO CLIFFHANGER. ***

Review:  I Don’t Believe In Insta-Love…

But I found it with this book. What a wonderful story.

Dani’s mother is ill and deteriorating fast. And on top of that, she has just had a horrible day. Talen’s day hasn’t been any better. They meet and suddenly what happens in Vegas changes both of their lives.

Talen is human, not an ass of a billionaire. I really felt for his predicament with his father. Dani was just what he needed. Together they filled the holes in the other’s lives. I admit, there were points where I wanted to hit them both just to knock sense into them. So many missed opportunities. But I truly enjoyed this story.

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