Savage Dawn (Legends of Gattica) (Volume 1)


savage dawn How do you win a war against an enemy you can’t touch? 

When a group of Arcadian explorers found clues leading to an ancient portal, they believed it would shed light on their past. None of them could have foreseen that their search for knowledge would unleash a powerful and ruthless enemy that sought to destroy everything in its path. 

Stranded in a foreign country without means of communication, soulmates Samiah and Malachiax must find a way home. They embark on the most important journey of their lives, traveling through the harsh Arcadian desert where any mistake can be deadly. But the stakes are too high and there is no turning back.

Review:  Sci-Fi with an epic Fantasy feel

On planet far, far away, inhabitants of various species move through life with Gifts granted to them by Arcadia. Samiah is an aura-reader, able to see the mood and character of others. Malachiax has an affinity with the earth and can control it, to a degree. When the opportunity to examine a new archaeological site is offered to them, they and their team jump at the chance. The site offers clues to the location of a portal to other places, long-thought to be a myth. But the thoughtless actions of one of their own opens a door to a nightmare.

Their party becomes possessed by dark, insane, spirits and murder and mayhem ensue. Survivors of the terrible massacre, Samiah and Malachiax are joined by teammates Lochiana and Ianox, and an outcast named Gary, in a run for their lives and sanity. As the threat posed by the possessed army spreads, they are detained by the Draki, the semi-indigenous people of Arcadia. Their prince, Femror, helps them to escape and leads them to the capital of Aragamanx to retrieve the only thing that may help to close the portal; the Spheres of Power.

Treachery, love, magic, and betrayal twine together in this amazing story of perseverance and survival. The varied gifts of the Arcadians resemble magic and the levels of power can be staggering. It was interesting to see a magic-filled society that also had high-level technology such as interstellar travel and teleportation devices.

I had a problem with the idiot, Ianox, but they finally ditch him. The Princess Chrysa was an interesting addition to the group, as was Prince Durgin. I eagerly await the next installment.


Genre:  Sci-Fi but feels like Fantasy

Romance:  Sweet, Soul/Fated mates

Sexy stuff: FTB

Editing:  Good, no discernable grammar problems or spelling mistakes

Violence: Moderate, but not graphic

Storytelling:  Very good

Narrative:  Third person, rotating POV

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