Witch Sense: A Lara O’Connell Urban Fantasy


 witch senseAll witch Lara O’Connell wanted to do was dump her neglectful boyfriend and get on with her life. But thanks to a show of power he thought would charm her, her ex is stuck in wolf form. And until she turns him back, she’s stuck with him shedding all over her stuff.

The local Alpha werewolf, Stephen, will help her turn her ex back into a human—for a price. He needs Lara’s sensitivity to magic to figure out who is killing his people.

But with the FBI looking into Phillip’s disappearance, an Alpha trying to make kissy face with her, and a killer who can’t be too happy to have her on his trail, Lara’s problems are just getting started.

Review:  Good start

What’s a witch to do when her boyfriend turns into a wolf because she breaks up with him? Hide. Human transformation is illegal. Now all she wants is to change him back and get him out of her life. Suddenly Lara is thrust into a world where the rules of the magic community are blurred and there are scarier things than weres going bump in the night.

I thought this was a good start to a new series of books. The people were interesting and annoying by turns: Phillip is self-centered, Lara is kinda lazy, Roxie is rebelling against her parents, Stephen is an arrogant jerk, and Anthony is just trying to do his job. The story was intricate enough to make me want to keep reading. However, I wasn’t on the edge of my seat with anticipation. Still, I’m looking forward to the next book.


Genre:  Paranormal, urban fantasy, with bits of romance

Romance:  Not established, fledgling

Sexy stuff:  Kissing

Editing:  Good, no discernable grammar problems or spelling mistakes

Violence:  Murder scenes, some fights

Storytelling:  Very good

Narrative:  First person

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