The Guardians of Illusion

Original review 10/12/2017


From the swell of the surf arises an incredible adventure thousands of years in the making… 

Ambrosia Severn has it all: accolades, success, prestige, and privilege. A renowned surgeon with a sharp mind and the recognition of her peers, she finds herself at the peak of success when a mysterious, dangerous figure enters her life and confronts her with a terrifying ultimatum—give it all up, or die. 
Niven is bound by duty and honor. His mission: protect Ambrosia Severn at all costs. Standing between Amy and a violent death at the hands of an unknown assassin, he must seek out her would-be killer and fulfill his ancient oath. Chaos and uncertainty swirl as Niven finds himself tangled between the woman he is sworn to protect and the woman he has sworn to marry. 

The result is a clash of ancient forces and alien alliances hell-bent on amassing control through their technology and cross-breeding. Suspenseful, vibrant, and gripping, Ambrosia’s story of intrigue, danger and betrayal stretches beyond the realm of the paranormal. Will she and Niven outsmart his secretive super-race and live to tell the tale? Or will both crumble under the weight of a mighty darkness?

Review:  A Murderous Fiancée And Forbidden Love

Life for Ambrosia Severn has been fast-tracked. The brilliant bio-technician has reached heights of acclaim at a very young age. Unfortunately, it has attracted a jealous collegue and the attention of a psychotic alien.

After a blowup with her research partner results in a forced vacation, Amy heads off to the West Coast. There she encounters a naked man, an assassination attempt and the beginning of the end… of her life. Niven, another of the alien race of Avendar, is trying to keep her alive.

What would you do if you had 400 years to live and the genetic memory of your kind? Apparently, some develop psychoses and plot to destroy the world. Others create a chokehold on the species in order to maintain “the way things are” at the expense of the reproductive health of their people.

This was a well-written and compelling read. I really hope there is a follow on to this story. Jaydon needs to get his head out of his ass and the council needs to wake up and see the genetic light.

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